Top Quality Ethyl Bromodifluoroacetate 99% Tc | Trusted Exporter from China

Chemjoy Company Limited, based in China, is a trusted manufacturer and supplier of high-quality chemical products. One of our top products is Ethyl Bromodifluoroacetate 99% Tc, a colorless liquid with a molecular formula of C4H5BrF2O2. It is widely used in organic synthesis as an important intermediate.

Our Ethyl Bromodifluoroacetate 99% Tc is made with the highest industry standards, ensuring a purity level of 99%. It is a versatile chemical compound with broad application in the pharmaceutical industry for the synthesis of drugs, and in other industries such as agriculture, textile, and dye production.

At Chemjoy Company Limited, we take pride in our high-quality products and excellent customer service. Our factory is equipped with the latest technology and equipped to accommodate the needs of our customers. Whether for research or commercial purposes, you can count on our Ethyl Bromodifluoroacetate 99% Tc to meet your needs. Contact us today to learn more.
  • Ethyl bromodifluoroacetate (EBDA) 99% Tc is a highly pure, colorless liquid compound used in the pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries. This organic molecule is composed of ethyl, bromine, carbon, and fluorine atoms and has a molecular weight of 221.94 g/mol. EBDA 99% Tc is a versatile chemical intermediate used in the manufacture of various organic compounds. It is commonly used as a reactant in the synthesis of medicinal and crop protection products. Additionally, it is used as a reagent in organic chemistry reactions as it reacts easily with a variety of nucleophiles to yield fluorinated compounds. As a leading supplier of EBDA 99% Tc, we ensure that our product follows strict quality control standards to ensure its purity and effectiveness. Our product is packed securely in high-quality containers and stored under controlled conditions to ensure it maintains its purity and integrity. Our EBDA 99% Tc is highly sought after by customers who require the product for their critical processes. We are committed to providing high-quality products and services to our customers to ensure that they can meet their business needs. With our efficient supply chain and industry expertise, we are a trusted partner in the pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries. In conclusion, if you need a high-quality, pure organic compound for your agrochemical or pharmaceutical applications, our EBDA 99% Tc is an excellent choice. Our product is backed by our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, ensuring that it meets your needs every time.
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